Nii Tagoe was born in Accra, Ghana, into a royal family of master drummers and dancers, where from a young age his curiosity for the rich culture of music and dance led him on a lifetime journey of discovery across Africa and beyond.


He arrived in Britain in 1990 to teach and perform with the Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble, who was a pioneer of African arts & culture outside Africa. During this time Nii pursued his fascination for African music and dance by moving through the continent to meet and study with the keepers of different traditions.

In 1993 he founded Frititi (meaning 'ancient' in the Akan language of Ghana), a London-based performing arts company that was focused on maintaining close contact with genuine traditional styles. With Frititi, Nii began to share his extensive knowledge and wisdom, touring, performing and teaching across the world. At a time where the frontiers of the world were opening and more people were looking towards Africa, Frititi became a torchbearer for traditional culture upheld by gifted dancers and musicians.


As a talented songwriter, musician and singer, Nii’s toured with world music chart-toppers; Osibisa, Konkoma, Baka Beyond, African Headcharge, and Lorraine Ayensu, and different incarnations of his solo band. His music is rooted in tradition, but also represents a new generation of sounds and stories inspired by his life experiences and powerful messages from Mother Nature.


His work started growing roots in Asia in 2004 when he first set foot in Singapore. Having spent years performing for numerous small to large scale private and public events in the country, and having collaborated with various arts groups and practitioners over the years, in 2019 he founded Sankofa Singapore to continue his work of spreading the love of African arts and culture.



Artistic Director