Our UK-based sister company Frititi offers high-energy African dance and drumming performances that are performed to the highest level of skill and presentation. Since its birth in 1993, Frititi has wowed audiences from all over the world as well as those in Singapore at WOMAD Singapore, installations of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix, Asian Civilisation Museum's Amazing Africa Festival and OLAM's 25th Anniversary Celebrations.

With dances such as Kpanlogo from Ghana, to Wali from Guinea, Kumpo from Senegal, Mbende from Zimbabwe, Lizombe from Tanzania, Tematei from Ivory Coast, Mozambique’s Semba to South Africa's Zulu dance Iphi Yeza, Frititi's dancers and drummers will delight, educate and inspire audiences from all corners of the world. The company’s strength lies in the performers’ vast knowledge of both the content of the dances as well as the complexities and subtleties of the dances and rhythms of the African continent.
As Sankofa continues to grow and develop its base in Singapore in order to be able to offer performances in the near future, Frititi is available for bookings in Singapore.
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