Using music and dance as our very foundation, Sankofa Singapore engages in collaborative work with like-minded individuals, arts groups and companies to discover & explore new possibilities, forge positive  relationships, create new work and produce lasting memorable experiences. Collaboration work allows us to value our cultures, and  learn from one another, resulting in the respect and appreciation of each other's cultures.   


Workshop Series (Aug - Oct 19)

A 6-part series in collaboration with Nadi Singapura, featuring the colourful and energetic world of African dance accompanied by live and infectious rhythms from Africa and the Malay Archipelago

"Music and dance transcends all geographical, language & cultural barriers"


Multicultural Performance (Nov 19)

A coalition of instruments, sounds & styles that depicts the harmony and the discourse amongst the people of the land, where audiences witnessed the interaction between the varied practices & practitioners of Singapore & beyond.